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Small Group Help! Guides

Small Group HELP! Guides are tightly focused “how to” training guides for small group leaders and coaches, each in a reader-friendly, fun to use, and authoritative format, designed to equip readers step by step in a specific area. HELP! Guides are written for the novice as well as the more experienced leader.

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Why Didn't You Warn Me?
How to Deal with Challenging Group Members
by Pat J. Sikora

What problems do you face in your small group? Is Griselda gossiping? Is Quentin too quiet? Is Rhonda always chasing rabbits? Is Charlie too argumentative? Is Mona always talking?

Leading a small group can be both exciting and rewarding. But sometimes, it can also be frustrating. What do you do when one or two group members create problems you don’t know how to handle?
• Do you know how to gently teach members new group skills?
• Do you know how to change a member’s behavior without being overbearing?
• Must you sacrifice your group for the sake of one needy person?

Why Didn’t You Warn Me? addresses 18 common problems that well-meaning people create in small groups and it give s you step-by-step suggestions for dealing with them with grace and sensitivity.

Pat J. Sikora is a popular author and conference speaker, and founder of Mighty Oak Ministries (www.mightyoakministries.com). She lives in Redwood City, California, with her husband, Bob. Pat has been involved with small group ministry for more than 30 years and has written and taught extensively on small group challenges.

Why Didn't You Warn Me?


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